Thursday, September 19, 2013

green tea mindfulness

Here at KARMOMO, I hope to muse sporadically on how --

Mind & body are interconnected,
and food (or drink) is an important bridge between the two.

Body. Green tea is loaded with flavonoids, anti-oxidants that help prevent cellular damage from the sun, stress, etc. Not only does it have less caffeine than your regular black tea, it is also linked to good outcomes such as healthy weight maintenance & cancer prevention.

Mind. Some people believe that green tea (for similar reasons as above) can also be helpful for memory & learning. More than that, preparing & sipping a cup of green tea can itself be a relaxing and soothing respite from stress and busyness. To that end, here is a simple little exercise/script that you can try:

Make a cup of tea. Stop everything else you're doing. Wait for the tea leaves to steep into the water. Notice the warm cup in your hand. Look at the golden shade of the tea - can you describe it? Observe the curls of steam rising from it. Breathe in their warm, soothing, grassy scent. Sip slowly. Let it roll over your tongue. Enjoy this moment...

* Steep green tea in hot water, serve with a slice of ginger & almond milk (my mom's favourite!)
* Make green tea, add lemon slices & honey, and chill for a refreshing iced tea
* Mix green tea (matcha) powder into a healthy green smoothie with mango
* Make noodles and serve them in a green tea broth -- see Mark Bittman's recipe here

Further readings:

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea, Harvard
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Do you drink green tea? How do you like to have it?
PS. Something to consider incorporating into your morning routine!


  1. I could almost savor your green tea with your words! I've purchased some tea from teavana before. It was a blueberry flavor and making iced was amazing!

    1. ooh that blueberry tea sounds delicious, ursula ! i am imagining an iced blueberry tea with fresh crushed mint, on a hot summer day ...

  2. Every morning, I have my green tea with ginger (to counter act the 'coolness' of green tea), honey, and a little bit of cream. After that I feel ready for the day! Yea, I am a big green tea fan :)