Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my favorite tea

I've been drinking a lot of this wonderful herbal tea called "Queen Bee Balance," by Allegro. It is a soothing confetti of raspberry leaf, rose petals, alfafa, spearmint, and dandelion root. It smells of vanilla and flowers, but has a mild, round taste.

Yesterday, one of the tea bags got torn and spilled its contents into the water. I was fascinated by the beautiful colors and had the inspiration for this project today.

What is your favorite tea? I would love to add to my collection!


  1. the loose tea is very pretty! I really like "calm" its made from Tazo, Starbucks carries it if you just want to try. It also has mint and rose petals along with camomile and lemongrass. Your website is very calming and simple, just love it!

    1. oh, thank you estela for the tea recommendation ! it sounds right up my alley :-) also such a compliment to hear you call my blog "calming and simple" ... i always hope to cultivate that in my life ! thanks for stopping by

  2. Blimey, that really is some beautifully striking tea!

    I am terrible because, though I say I love tea, what I really mean is I love English Breakfast tea! Nothing else will do for me, I'm afraid; my palette just can't handle the flavours! :)