Monday, July 22, 2013

mango juice, illustrated

I really like the look of unfinished lines and strokes. I'm not sure if that just means I am lazy, or whether there's a part of me that just resonates with the reality of imperfection.

I recently came across this old illustration, which was made during my year in India. It was an ode to mango juice, the delicious elixir that appeared at all the juice-wala stands in April.

Nothing beats a fresh mango juice on a dusty, hot day... except maybe mango lassi in a chilled glass bottle! And for only 10 rupees (17 US cents) might I add.

Now, let's go behind the scenes...

click to view full-size

Has anyone else used odosketch before? It's a nifty free online art platform that records your every sketch movement and then plays it back for you once you're done. (Hence why my sketch looks like someone has taken a big sip out of the glass near the end.)

If you go on to create anything, be sure to post a comment & share your fantastic handiwork!


  1. I've used odosketch but I can't get over the feeling of betraying my photoshop. I guess I'm a creature of habits.

    You have such a nice blog going on here. I look forward to seeing where it takes you!

    All best,

    1. thanks for visiting, maria! the two programs are just so different -- i like the pastel crayon textures & minimalist interface that you get with odosketch, but photoshop is so much more versatile/powerful. i guess it depends what you want to do that day!

  2. ooh this odosketch thing looks really awesome!

    1. thanks !! it's fun (and kinda scary) to see everything that led up to the final product. if you try it out, let me know ;-)