Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Pie, or On Saving Ideas

For me, one of the challenges of blogging (or, beginning to blog) is sharing ideas, giving "secrets" away. There are many people who do this freely and don't think twice. While I love/aspire to this, I'd be lying if I didn't admit there is a part of me that sometimes worries... about The Pie:

"If I give this away, what happens?
When someone benefits, will there be less for me?"

As a kid, I would cover my sketchbook, or wince when asked to share school notes. The underlying belief? If you want this idea, this knowledge, you should go find it on your own terms and good luck.

It all boiled down to fear. Fear that what I had -- that made me smart, made me creative, made me unique -- was actually commonplace. That if only someone else could get their hands on "my" inspiration, I would be left with nothing truly my own!

But what I've realized is,

when I believe in The Pie, I buy into the lie that creativity is a limited resource.

Who's to say I won't give away one idea, just to come up with ten more? Or, why can't people come up with different, wonderful iterations of the same idea?

On the other hand, when I hoard ideas for fear, I end up letting the life dry right out of them. Like when fruit goes bad when you don't eat it -- when you could have made a tart, and invited a friend over to share it with you.

Now, I'd choose that any day. And that's what I must choose, every day.

Have you ever held back because of The Pie? What helps you stop brandishing that fork and pass the plate around?


  1. Can we say 獨食難肥 (those who eat all by themselves without sharing with others never get fat)?

    1. hm, i've never heard this saying before, but it would make a lot of sense if "fat" refers to being "healthy & nourished" -- it's hard to lead a vital life and to eat well, if constantly isolated & alone... good reminder ! ;-)

  2. Dang, you hit the nail on the head. For me, I think the main 'pie manifestation' I struggled with esp. during senior year of college and right afterwards is the pie that each friend seemed to be to me. I thought if they were better friends with someone else, that meant they'd be less of a friend with me. XP These past 2 years has been learning process in realizing the lie that that misunderstanding is.

    Also, may I post that image on my private blog? I want it to be a reminder for me.

    1. hi miss sabrina, you certainly may (with a nod back here ;-)

      yes, love is not a limited resource either, but i am always tempted to view it as such. i've had my share of regret from that ! funny how what we hold onto for ourselves and try to protect, we ultimately lose...